More from Adam:

The Tower: A novella found on Kindle which is the origin story of Loki, the villain from my novel “Echoes of Avalon.” It can be found in the novel, but also serves as an interesting stand alone story.


Bloody Father’s Day: A true life story account about a hiking trip with my father that went all wrong.

In the Isle of the Beholder: “Lost” meets the “Twilight Zone” on a secluded tropical island where a young girl, who has only known the island and her parents, is faced for the first time with the “Pale People.” People she had always thought, until now, her parents made up. Especially when describing them as wearing turtle shells for hats. But now they are here and threaten their way of life…and her definition of what is beautiful.

Spanish Doll: An antique and curio shop that deals in everyday magic has a brush with the supernatural sort. This and other great stories can be found in Northwest Independent Writers Association’s 2011 Anthology of Speculative Fiction, “Magic to Mayhem.”


Our Lady of Dreams: A product of a Northwest Independent Writer’s Association writing challenge. The challenge was to write a story of a supernatural event that happened to you. The catch, however, was that the story could be fact or fiction. In effect, it was a sort of “campfire” tale involving yourself. What do you think? Did this happen?

Window Pain: An accidental observer is reminded of the power of regret.

Incident at Ape Canyon: A reporter in 1950’s Portland Oregon meets a stranger who claims to have inside information on the disappearance of a skiier on the slopes of Mount Saint Helens. The incredible tale, however, leaves the reporter questioning his sanity. “Predator” meets “Pulp Fiction” in this excerpt from a short story found in the pages of “Fiction in Your Face,” the 2012 anthology of speculative fiction offered by Northwest Independent Writers Association. The entire story and many other great ones from various Northwest authors can be found here:

Though not listed on this site, another one of my stories can be found in the 2013 Anthology from Northwest Independent Writers Association; “Thirteen.” If you like near-future cyber thriller mysteries, you’ll like my “13 Seconds.”