Deomans of Faerel (World of Faerel)Deomans of Faerel by Ted Fauster
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In Deoman’s of Faerel, those of us who grew up with Dungeons & Dragons will recognize the classic gathering of varied and colorful characters to go on campaign to accomplish great deeds.

Such is the premise behind this story of a group of people, mostly flawed, but also mostly dead or dying, gathered magically from their perspective worlds and given a second chance to do some good in the universe. A “retired” angel is pulling the strings, explaining to them that once upon a time the original laborers and engineers who created Earth at the direction of the Creator made another world, but not entirely sanctioned. This world needs help. Help from heroes, however flawed.

Ted Fauster introduces us to an incredibly imaginative world peopled with creatures Jim Henson would be proud of. Our heroes, upon arrival, take on the forms of these colorful creatures; reborn in the fashion of “River World.” Indeed, Fauster’s influences are evident in not just Philip Jose Farmer, but also in tales as diverse as the Dark Crystal, Dr. Seuss, and ancient mythology.

Though a quick read, a lot is packed into the pages. I found myself distracted by the individual adventures of each hero as they arrived separately, often forgetting who is who among the other characters from both worlds. Despite that, I loved one adventure in particular reminiscent of a sequence from Running Man.

Overall, you won’t be disappointed and a firm foundation has been set for further adventures in Faerel.

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