Faces in the Water (The Shades of Venice, #1)Faces in the Water by Tonya Macalino
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In the near future, reality TV has taken the next step with immersion entertainment brought to you by studios employing nano-teched-out “immersion artists” who can record every sensory experience possible. Everything from the simple taste of coffee to swimming with sharks to tastes which run even more exotic…or erotic.

In this world comes Alyse Bryant, a world famous immersion artist who has recently lost her father to a tragic accident, which leaves her reckless in her mourning. She agrees to take her recording team to a charity ball in the Quarantine Zone of Old Venice. For in this world, all the carriers of a disease which has caused innumerable children the world over to fall into a permanent sleep, have been gathered into this fishbowl of luxury among flooding ruins.

There, Alyse’s recklessness drives her to find solace in the arms of a stranger which in turn leads her to a race for her life through a watery graveyard of old Europe. Those who pursue who are not quite human anymore, yet they may hold all the answers to what has become of her.

Tonya Macalino has presented an erotic and beautifully written story just as tantalizing as any immersion artist could.

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