Murder of CrowsMurder of Crows by Athena
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like the heroine of Murder of Crows, this story has a duality to it. Two stories in one.

Fable Montgomery has always felt out of place. Not in the sense that she was raised by her aunt and gaggle of “Nana’s” in their Portland, Oregon home, or that her mother died tragically when she was young, or even that her estranged archaeologist father has not figured prominently in her life. But in the sense she doesn’t belong to this world.

She doesn’t know just how right she is until the FBI call her back to Portland away from her unfulfilling journalist job in New York to deal with the aftermath of her aunt’s murder.

Soon Fable is thrust into the adventures of two worlds…the film noir murder mystery of this world, and the Narnia-esque salvation of another. The latter being where she discovers she had made a mind-bending sacrifice that is just as troubling as her slowly returning memory. Even more troubling is the fact those who love her most refuse to help her recover her memory.

In a book market clogged with vampires, werewolves, and zombies, it is refreshing that Athena has painted us a new world where (winged) extraordinary creatures rule.

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