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British Blogger Eloise Hopkins Reviews Echoes of Avalon

UK blogger, and devourer of books, Eloise Hopkins honored me by reviewing Echoes of Avalon. I’m always surprised at the many ways people will describe my story. What impressed them, what could be better. She didn’t disappoint and introduced readers a perspective I did not consider. See it here:

Interview With Editor Sarah Cypher

Recently I interviewed with blogger and editor Sarah Cypher who made it possible for me to publish a novel that was a piece of art, and not a piece of something else. She is a kind, patient, reasonable and very good editor. I must admit that I lucked out when I picked her name from a list of potential free-lance editors when it came time to take the next step in the publishing process. I chose her, not necessarily because of her Carnegie Mellon University education and professional editing background, but more because at the time she lived near me. Which is ironic since we’ve never met in person, and only talked on the phone once. Our correspondence was purely through the internet. Nevertheless I was very comfortable with her and she made it tremendously easy to tolerate the shear amount of red ink and (constructive) criticisms she sent my way. She gently broke me into the real world of writing and I owe her many thanks.

If you’re an aspiring writer or have anything to do with writing at all, she is a wonderful resource and I highly recommned her. Please see my interview with her at and take a gander at the rest of her site while you’re at it. She’s an accomplished author herself and I can’t wait for her next work of fiction.

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