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Yetzirah: A Place of Rescue is Suddenly in Need of Rescuing-Book Review

Yetzirah: The Pocket WorldsYetzirah: The Pocket Worlds by Pam Bainbridge-Cowan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a Golden Oldies song out there called, “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” It is also commonly known that when when people are faced with extreme trauma, children in particular, they will withdraw into themselves. Some to the point of withdrawing into a make believe world.

What if it wasn’t make believe? What if some people, under just the right conditions, could gain access to a magical realm where you could create their own rules? Their own little “Pocket” of reality where they were safe from whatever hardship drove them there?

Such is the case with Elise who, with her twin sister Elena, discovers the world they call Yetzirah after hiding from their abusive father. It is a world of mostly mist that harbors many “pockets” each created by a cast of colorful characters who can make their worlds appear anyway they like, and people it with whomever they like – each world more Burton-esqu than the last. Though Elise and Elena cannot create their own pocket or wield magic, the other Pocket Wizards entertain the twins through much of their childhood, offering occasional refuge until they reach adulthood.

Though Elise continues to visit this wondrous world, Elena lets it go even to the point that she denies its very existence.

The day comes, however, when a butterfly made of wire and jewels follows Elise home from her latest visit announcing that the wall separating the worlds is dissolving. An instability is taking hold of the Pocket Worlds, making it not only difficult to control them, but the pockets start to turn on their creators.

Elise concocts a plan to save the world that saved her sanity as a child. She will find the elusive Queen of Yetzirah, the only person with the power to stop the instability. But to do so, Elise will need to band the disparate Wizards together and convince them to leave their comfort zones – and not all Wizards are exactly easy going characters with worlds full of rainbows and sunshine. Most difficult of all, Elise will need to convince Elena to join her on the quest. Something that will require re-visiting a lot of hard feelings and pain.

Yetzirah: The Pocket Worlds is an entertaining study on human pain, escapism, and healing. The idea of a Matrix or Inception-like world where people can go in their minds to take a break from “reality” to heal (or be tempted to withdraw indefinitely) is fascinating. Watching the character driven story unfold as the characters tackle their problems by coming together for a common cause is timeless and evoked many a real laugh and tear from me. Highly recommended!

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Adam Copeland to Host “Making Magic in Your Fantasy” Workshop at Kalama Word Catcher Literary Festival

Yours truly will be an author presenter at Kalama’s Word Catcher Literary Festival Saturday, April 21st. I will be hosting a workshop on “Making Magic in Your Fantasy.” The idea is to analyze the various ways magic is portrayed in fantasy novels (from the visual presentation to the mechanics of how magic works and exists in the story), and how you can make magic happen in your own writing.

There will be many other interesting writing topics presented by other local authors on a wide variety of subjects, there is bound to be something that speaks to you so don’t be shy about signing up for a fun filled weekend. Find all the info in the following attachment: word catcher 4 web 2012


Echoes of Avalon now available at Hillsboro’s Jacobsen’s Books

Jacobsen’s Books of Hillsboro now carries copies of an epic historical fantasy, dark

eBook Purchase Display: Get an Author-Signed Souvenir Bookmark

but with promises of hope and tinged with romance. The paperback is on the shelf. On the counter is a display holding author-signed souvenir bookmarks that can be bought with coupon codes for downloading the eBook.

Jacobsen’s Books
211 E. Main St.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

(503) 681-8243



Scarlet Moon Empowers Girls

Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of Scarlet Moon: A Retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood” by Debbie Viguié

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Scarlet Moon is an installment of Debbie Viguié’s series of re-imagined fairy tales, this one being about Little Red Riding Hood. I’m all for re-imagined fairy tales, after all the backbone of my own novel revolves around classic imagery of fairy tales, but it seems it has become taboo these days to depict women as damsels in distress. In Scarlet Moon Ruth, the crimson wearing titular character of the story, not only is no shrinking violet, she is a blacksmith who fights men with her fists. Heroics by the handsome cursed nobleman who has fallen for Ruth take a back seat in the story.

This might all be fine in a fantasy, even one that takes place in a historic setting such as Scarlet Moon, so long as the writing and story pulls it off. The movie Everafter with Drew Barrymore, a re-imagining of Cinderella that takes place in 16th century France, is a good example.

Debbie Viguié is a good writer, who uses rich and flowery prose in the grand styles of literary tradition, but she tends to go over the top on occasion, straying into the realm of clichés. This happens especially so when the romance is blossoming between the main characters and starts to sound like a cheesy Harlequin romance. Then again, that may not necessarily be a bad thing, as this is a fairy tale and a fairy tale just isn’t a fairy tale unless things get surreal. We read them because they take us away form the normal, ho-hum of everyday life.

Scarlet Moon is a quick, romantic, and entertaining read that empowers girls. Dudes may not appreciate it as much, but hey, you can’t win them all.

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